Joshua Kelly - @Pegleoutdoors

15-20 MPH Wind Testimonial & Soft Landing

“Well I have to say that I am really liking the @ghostechsi indicators! Never have I seen a indicator land so soft, the flies hit the water harder. Was using it in 15-20 mph winds and sill performed great. Hopefully my clients will like them this year too!

Thank you Joshua for the amazing feedback - Please Check out his awesome page on instagram, see the amazing fish hes slamming and maybe even meet up with him to go on one of his guided adventures!! Thanks again Joshua ~GHOST


Jesse Luke - @ jess.luke

From PA Native Brook Trout to Steelhead testimonial! Adaptable to multi-species and water types

“Works great on spooky native fish with minimal splash on the water’s surface, yet buoyant enough to handle faster currents and heavier flies for big steelhead. Easy to cast from a 3wt all the way through to an 8 wt. Little to no impact on the integrity of your leaders (no line pinch)

Thanks Jesse for the awesome technical review! So thankful for that and glad you love the diversity of the product! Check out Jess Luke’s awesome PA based instagram account @jess.luke as you can see the photos on there are immaculate.


Andrew Germain - Erie County Outfitters - ECO

Erie STEELHEAD Testimonial! Adaptable for varying water conditions & Super sensitivity

“I was introduced to GHOSTech mainly fishing for Steelhead trout in the tributaries of Northwest Pennsylvania, I know the waters can be quite diverse day to day. Having the flexibility to adapt my indicator location and buoyancy quickly and easily was most appealing. When the snow began to melt, or I was using a heavier rig to get deeper, just another stack was added to achieve maximum flotation. Despite the additional stacks, the indicator was still sensitive to the lightest takes. I can’t wait to see how this works for the rest of Pennsylvania’s bountiful and beautiful waterways!

Thank you Andrew! Awesome feedback on Erie Steelhead - Andrew and his team at Erie County Outfitters are an awesome crew who make custom hand crafted artisan nets check them out @eriecountyoutfitters


Angie Brison- @babybrison

GHOSTech - Game Changer! No Splash & easy to cast

“GHOSTech has changed the game for me! I had been looking for years for alternatives to large clunky indicators when fishing spooky native brookies in small headwater streams. Done looking.

Genius invention, no splash, easy to cast…and quite diverse in the way you can simply slide another piece on or off depending on the water conditions. Go from headwaters to larger streams and rivers with ease! It’s a must for your fishing.

Honestly I think everyone should buy these!

Thank you so much for your feedback and thoughts Angie! Really covers the full scope of why anglers like you and others who really look at the full perspective of fishing love these indicators. If you haven’t checked out Angie’s instagram you really should - follower her @babybrison.



Technical Review - Soft landing, floats all day - no bind.

“So I have been using @ghostechsi for a little while now and have had a chance to test them out in a few different situations. For small streams spooky fish these are a fantastic option. The indicator lands softly and floats all day. The screw style locking system holds the indi in place well without putting your leader in a bind. The @ghostechsi is adjustable for different flow rates letting you add or subtract patches to meet your requirements.”

Chandler has a great technical approach to fishing and him and his wife are an awesome part of the community offering great content on their journey as a fly fishing couple - Check them out on instagram @the_dickensons thanks so much for the technical feedback Chandler!


Sean Witman - @houseflyfishing

Stealth, Performance, Natural Drift, adaptable - Full Circle Testimonial

When I first heard about these indicators I was intrigued and wanted to give them a try. After using them on the water I can say I am very impressed with their design and performance. The lock nut system is very easy to use and adjust. The white/clear version is my favorite because it really blends in with the natural bubble and foam lines on the water. These indicators land soft on the surface and seem to move with the current more naturally than other indicators I have tried. If you’re using a heavier nymph rig you can easily stack 2 or more indicators to counter the extra weight. As an added bonus these pack very easily without taking up much room with their thin profile. I would highly recommend giving these a try.

Thanks for the Awesome Full Circle review Sean! That is exactly why we developed these to provide anglers with an indicator that is adaptable for all circumstances, be super stealthy, adaptable, and fit all the needs of fly fisherman. Sean is an amazing fly tyer and his technical look at fly fishing is carried over to his precision in his hand crafted flies. I highly recommend checking him out @houseflyfishing - Also if you would like to purchase his products the Best way to contact him for flies would be on Instagram or Facebook @houseflyfishing or through his website Or through email

Tim Cammisa From Gives some first experience testimonials about using GHOSTech Strike indicators:

Thanks for viewing this video, in which I share my thoughts on Ghostech strike indicators. Recently finding a spot in my vest, this new indicator is unique in that it lands much softer than other systems, yet also has the ability to hold heavier flies up in the water.