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Ghostech Strike Indicators


GHOSTech Standard Pack - Three (3) Indicators Plus extras (two double stacked indicators, two extra float pucks, and extra nut).   Note: Our indicators are stack-able so one pack fits most water types and conditions

GHOSTech Standard Pack - Three (3) Indicators Plus extras (two double stacked indicators, two extra float pucks, and extra nut). Note: Our indicators are stack-able so one pack fits most water types and conditions


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GHOSTech Strike Indicators are the fly fishing's only Natural casting, soft landing, screw-on; adaptable strike indicator. Our Patent Pending technology allows an angler to quickly adjust various depths to better target fish in various water condition from super shallow clear sneaky conditions to deeper large streams and rivers.

Our indicators are designed with a centralized screw on fastener that can adapt to smaller diameter tippet line all the way to larger thick butt end sections of leader materials.

GHOSTech floating air pucks are threaded through the centralized fastener providing balance as well as adaptability.

When changing to various water conditions you can utilize a singular air pack for shallow  sneaky water conditions or stack two to three(+) for heavy weight fast waters; all done with the same indicator product.

How GHOSTech Strike Indicators Will help you CATCH MORE Fish:

  • Natural Casting - casts naturally like yarn indicators (and hits the water without scaring fish)

    • GHOSTech is 100% ready to fish [Unlike yard indicators you do not need to add anything to GHOSTech to make them work(no need for floatant, cutting, or manipulating our indicators to be ready to fish)]

  • No Splash Landings - you can repetitively cast over fish and not alert them to your presence

    • When our indicator lands on the water the vibrations from the splash are non-existent

      • No more scaring fish

        • This means you can cast endlessly over fish and still hookup without scaring them. This give you a competitive advantage as compared to other indicators. (check out out Testimonial page to see how our clients are hooking up BIG TIME due to our splash-less design)

  • Screws On - Quick Attachment, Removal, and Depth Adjustments

    • With our fast attachment design you are able to easily adjust with a turn of a screw to change water depths

    • Quicker line attachment means more time on the water actively fishing instead of playing with your rig

  • Less weight = Less tangles

    • 1/5 the weight of other indicators

      • Eliminates the fulcrum point created by having a heavy object on the mid section of the fly line = less tangles

        • Which means you get to fish harder and longer

  • Completely adaptable for 80% + water conditions  - Always have the right size when you purchase our indicators packs

    • Our GHOSTech Floating Air pucks are stack-able which means a single pack of our indicators fits just about every water condition available

      • Never be caught in a situation where you don’t have the right size indicator for the waters your are fishing.

      • GHOSTech Strike indicators can quickly change to the water and style you are fishing

  • GHOSTech fastening Nut NEVER needs to be removed to add or remove our indicators from your line

    • The nut used to fasten the indicator to the line does not need to be removed - Our patent pending design allows for a horizontal insert-able slit below the nut to eliminate the need to completely remove the nut for attachment - no more dropping nuts and losing them. 

  • Reduced Drag for a natural drift - GHOSTech’s flat profile of the indicator lying on the water reduces drag caused by wind

    • The flat nature the indicator is only impacted by the currents of the water and eliminates the off course drifts that can be caused by wind conditions

    • GHOSTech provides a more natural drift which means your presentation is not taken off course by the movement of your indicator

  • More Sensitive Takes = More hook-sets.

    • Our lightweight natural drifting design has been found to show our anglers softer takes.

      • Our superiority sensitive indicators can show the most subtle of takes that is even more productive than bare floating line indications.

    • Our trinity design shows soft directional takes - A slight turn of the indicator in winter/ soft feeding conditions give you the opportunity to have significantly more opportunities to land fish.

  • Save money - no need for multiple styles or sizes of indicators

    • Our indicators are adjustable and adaptable to different waters you don’t need to buy or carry any other product

      • one floating puck can be used for super sneaky clear small waters, two for medium streams or small rivers, three air pucks for larger streams or rivers

Attaching and adjusting GHOSTech Strike Indicators to your line. How to attach GHOSTech strike indicators to your line and how to add or remove the air pucks for different water types depths, weights, & fishing conditions.

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But you don’t need to take our word on the benefits of using GHOSTech check out our client Testimonials

How Did GHOSTech Strike Indicators Come About…

GHOSTech Strike Indicator Casting and soft landing video

GHOSTech Strike Indicators were invented to offset the frustrations created by other indicator products. Our founder, new to the fly fishing was nymphing the local waters of Pennsylvania noticed with each cast he would spook fish. Despite doing all the tactics described in the books his technique lacked the skills necessary to get in the strike zone without alerting the fish he was targeting. As he looked into alternative indicators he noticed some would be able to hit the water gently and sank almost immediately when used….needless to say our founder did not catch many fish in those days.

While on Monocacy stream he was watching bubbles as the gently flowed through the riffles and rocks. In that observation of nature “Ghost Style Strike Indicators” were imagined. Our founder asked “why is there not an indicator that is light weight and looks like bubbles floating down the stream. That concept never left his imagination and GHOSTech Strike Indicators were born to fill the gaps left by other indicators.

After thousands of casting tests , visual studies, and a multitude of floatant tests we innovated the industries only natural casting, screw on, soft landing, adaptable strike indicator - Created by an angler for anglers. Our mission is to provide a product we would want to use and with GHOSTech we and our clients stand 100% behind the technology that lets anglers catch more fish. Here our client Testimonials here.

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Easy secure line attachment method, no kinking of line, and no lost nuts.

Easy secure line attachment method, no kinking of line, and no lost nuts.

  • Proudly USA manufactured

  • Our soft flexible floatant allows for smoother casts and soft landings

  • Our Trinity design allows for three points of visual reference which can help anglers determine direction of float

    • from ways in which the indicators is drifting within the water

    • slight directional takes by fish due to spinning

    • better visual sighting due to shape being unnatural to human eyes compared to other natural shapes found within the waters surface

  • low riding profile allows for more accurate depth detection

  • The innovative fastener will not rub, kink, or wear down the line from rubbing as compared to other indicators

Okay we get it….we still have more to tell you about this indicators but we want to save some awesomeness for you to discover too. So go ahead and order below or by here “shop now” button to go to our online store.


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It all started when…

Our Founder stepped on some of the most natural waters you could imagine, cast his line as a novice fly fisherman with the industries existing strike indicators….and scared all the fish away. He then knew there had to be a better way to present a submerged fly in various conditions. He realized there was not; so he invented one. Here we are today ready to bring the industry the future of fly fishing technologies for all!