GHOSTech Instructional Videos + Tips


Check out our Fly Fishing Strike Indicator How to Instructional videos and Pro Tips below…

Just wanted to give you some rapid fire videos to answer a bunch of your questions. In here you can see basic attachment, advanced attachment techniques when you have multiple stacked indicator air pucks, durability pinch tests, and of course tips on how to better use your GHOSTech Strike Indicators to more frequently catch fish.


Quick Line Attachment Instructional video


GHOSTech Quick Line Attachment Instructional video - Check out this video to see the easiest way to attach our innovative strike indicators to your fly line:

MAIN TIP to think about: ****HOLD ONTO THE FLOAT ****

Instead of trying to hold onto the threaded fastener grab our indicator floats and the fastener as one- Our bubbles are rugged if you grip them and the fastener at the same time you will have more surface area to grip.

What we often like to do if you watch the video closely is to pinch the floats down against use your thumb with your pointer and middle finger. Applying pressure to both the floats and hex head of the fastener.

It will take a little practice but once you got it the process becomes super easy.


ADDING (or REMOVING) Air Pucks - Changing for water conditions


ADDING (or REMOVING) Air Pucks - Changing for water conditions

Quick Simple video showing how to ADD ( or remove) our signature floating air pucks. With our Strike Indicator technology we designed our indicators to meet the needs of anglers; one of those needs being elimination of excessive gear for varying water types. Our indicators are designed for 80 % (or more) water types.

No need for different sizes with GHOSTech Strike Indicators all you need to do is add or remove our floating air pucks and change for the water or fishing (weight) conditions. One size really fits all while maintaining a smooth natural cast and superior stealth.


GHOSTech Strike Indicator Pinched by Bubbles - Unharmed!!! Durability Pliers test


GHOSTech Strike indicators Pinched by Pliers to show the Durability of our GHOSTech Indicator Pucks. This is a great video to check out to help understand how you can use our Indicator pucks as a grip when threading your fastener to your line.

Secondly and probably most importantly this video shows how you do not need to be gentle with our air pucks when tightening down your line onto our fastener. Which means you can really crank down to ensure a non-slipping attachment.

When attaching to your line tighten until snug and then test to make sure it does not slip (don’t worry about the bubbles they will be okay - and if they are not…no worries I throw in extra as backup) If your indicator slips tighten a bit more and check again. Once your indicator does not slip go on and start casting!


Attaching to line with 3 (or more) Air Pucks


GHOSTech Strike Indicator - Attaching to line with 3 (or more) Air Pucks

Yes you can see it here. You can add Three(3) or MORE air pucks to our indicator system. It is a bit more challenging…But with this video you can learn too how to use three(3) or more indicators. This video is a great starting point to learn how you need to push down on the air pucks to make room for the line entry side opening. Once you get this down you are good to go…

Biggest tip is to make sure you can see the opening. Once you can see that opening you are setting yourself up for success.


Tips and Tricks when using GHOSTech Strike Indicators


Tips and Tricks when using GHOSTech Strike Indicators

1) If GHOSTech Strike indicators are not riding flat on the surface of the water - Adjust your depth. This happens when you are dragging your line on the bottom. If it keels you need to adjust your depth - Simply unloosen thread and adjust depth accordingly.

2) Indicator riding below the surface of the water - Add more air pucks. The rig is too heavy for the amount of float you are using so add more floats.

Tips that are not included in the video but important:

  • Need color for better visibility?- use a sharpie….it covers the white excellently

    • We are releasing colors shortly and in the interim we have found clients using sharpie color markers to add a dash of color

  • Fish takes and Strike Indications

    • Our indicators are super sensitive - so much so a simple twist of our indicator can be a signal that you have a take - SET THE HOOK!

    • Stopping of the indicator or a slight twitch can be a sign of a take - SET THE HOOK

    • Then of course sometimes you have just massive strikes and your indicator goes missing underwater - SET THE HOOK


GHOSTech Strike Indicators Cast Natural and don't Splash(so they don't scare fish.)


Our indicators Cast natural and do not splash. GHOSTech is designed to be super stealthy to give you a better opportunity for success on the water. Check out our video here to see how well they cast and how they do not disturb the water when they land.

We designed this product for you.

  • To be more stealthy to give you a competitive advantage.

  • To Cast Naturally

  • Reduce weight on the line to decrease tangles (virtually zero weight on your line….so there is no heavy fulcrum midway on your leader thus reducing the chance for tangling

  • Ability to change floats to adapt to the majority of water conditions or fishing conditions.